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Urgent news for Wint/dril fans

For all those fans of the odd twitter account wing (@dril) I noticed that their is a link to the man’s WEBSITE.

The site provides links to his not as popular youtube and tumblr. Yes tumblr. The site is also surprisingly sane, showcasing some of his artwork and even an about page!

This is not a drill people. This is @dril.

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I found this thing I made when I was in 7th grade…

Police are investigating new synthetic drug, an unholy combination of acid and crack known on the streets as “ass-crack”.

The new Mad Max movie looks sick.

The new Mad Max movie looks sick.

Shea and Houston Take The 90’s

Shea and Houston Take The 90’s


The cute robot from “Big Hero 6” is voiced by the guy who did the voice of Clay Puppington from Morel Orel. DON’T TRUST HIM FOR A SECOND.


shirt designs. please reblog or like to show your support for these becoming actual shirt designs! first time trying my hand at this but i draw in a pretty popart style, so hey. i think it turned out alright.

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