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The cute robot from “Big Hero 6” is voiced by the guy who did the voice of Clay Puppington from Morel Orel. DON’T TRUST HIM FOR A SECOND.


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Okay folks there you got your Signless comic.

Now Paradox Space gets back to the REAL material.




I was Head of Story on “Clarence” from the beginning.

Obviously Skyler Page sexually assaulted a female artist at CN. Skyler’s a piece of shit, and CN should give him the boot. Emily Partridge is one bad-ass chick for standing up to a guy who a lot of people wanted to cover up for. Skyler’s…

I don’t reblog very often at all but this is so important, guys! Despite Skyler bearing the creator title, his show was made by (and will continue to be made by) many folks who I personally know are thoroughly A+ people. Patrick puts it best here. Don’t give up on Clarence!

Skyler Page is rumored to have been banned from the CN premises, so I’m hoping we can resume supporting Clarence and the good people that work so hard on it.

I just feel so terrible that it all had to come to this. If you know someone who behaves inappropriately to the women in your office, no matter where you work, speak up. Defend your coworkers right to feel safe.

Sentimental Corporation: How To Survive It

A little while ago a friend of mine showed me a strange site called 
Other then what I saw little information on the site’s purpose exists and I had to explore the site/the depths of the internet to find meaning to this “creepypasta” of a website.
This is a guide to navigate the site and understand the minds behind it.

But first some origins.

The best source of info I found is which gave some of the background on the site.
A while back there was a group of people in Canada known as “Goat Worship”. They made strange, absurdist videos and at a point had them on YouTube. I actually read about them years ago on Jhonen Vasquez’s blog.
At some point, something happened and the group disbanded and removed their YouTube channel.
A while later the supposed leader “Randy Prozac” made the site containing old Goat Worship videos and newer material on different pages.

Now the website.

This is the front page. Pretty spoooooky am I right? Here we see the main theme of a lot of the videos. That humans are mindless drones of the government wasting away on materialism.

See the five pictures at the top? Those are the links to the various pages.

The first one at the far left (woman with static in her eyes) showcases “Systemdeath Recordings” I haven’t explored this one too much but it seems pretty simple. It showcases various music created by (and presumably only by) Randy Prozac. They come with different names to differentiate the type of music it goes for. Like how Snoop Dog = Rap, Snoop Lion = Reggae, Snoopzilla = Funk.

Next up we have the picture of, I think it’s a hand? This leads to a page showcasing a series of videos called “The Eyes of Randy Prozac” There is three of them each split into 10 minute “Inductions”. The videos are a series of sketches that showcase Randy Prozac’s rants against modern society. There is also one scene in the video which has a girl v-logging about Randy Prozac but I’m not sure where that’s from.

The middle picture (staticy woman) houses “Parasite Dreams” five hourlong “treatments” depicting horrible awful people representing the creators feelings towards society. They are made using The Sims oddly enough and each start off with the same intro of a couple watching eevil television programming. The first video begins with an introduction I presume ripped from something else with a man by the name of “Dave Roever”.

Next we have the Goat Worship page. Judging by the end credits to these videos, these are not Goat Worship videos themselves but bits and pieces of them mashed together into at least 18 35 minute long “rituals”. They all start with Ronald McDonald telling us how worthless we are. If there is one thing you need to know it’s that these guys do NOT like Ronald McDonald. Another thing you need to know is these videos are DISTURBING, all the videos on the website are but I’m not sure that, when the strange man-baby cuts himself, if its real blood or not so tread lightly.

The last picture (gagged woman?) has a page that used to be called “The Draconian Septagon”. Now it’s called “Fetal Programing” and has more videos. If I had to guess I’d say this page contains videos from Goat Worship in their entirety. Unlike other videos on the other pages. These ones have titles. I haven’t watched all of them but so far it’s my favorite page. Strange videos like “Sons of Saturn” have me laughing at things I think we’re intentionally funny (and some that are not) it also has various videos depicting a man known as “Dr. Donny”. Now the Dr. Donny character appears in videos on the Goat Worship page, even in the first video that pops up on Fetal Programing. But the version of Dr. Donny that appears in “Crystal Lord” and “Joy and Healing” is the one that will find it’s way into your heart. I love Dr. Donny. There is also a recurring character in both this page and the goat worship page is this strange balding man with an Alf Doll. One last thing to note is that one of the videos “Mormon Baits” is also on YouTube with scenes not in the version on the website. 

One more thing if you click on the titles on top of the pages they usually have a message for you, usually something along the lines of the videos only being for the mentally ill.

So that’s it right? Well no. There’s still more.

Do you see it? Do you see where the videos are? Look closer.

Hidden in the bottom left corner are two blue and red blinking dots. Each dot has its own page.

The blue dot leads to the “Immaterials” page which showcase little lyric videos for songs that can be found in Systemdeath Recordings or hidden away in The Eyes of Randy Prozac

The Red Dot leads to a page called “Necrosis of Perception” which has three little videos each called a “rinse” they each are a series of old videos from christian public access to the news. Some is edited, some is not. Think of as an “Everything Is Terrible”, CDTcrew kind of page.

Lastly if you scroll down you’ll find three more links.

Clicking “Consensual Sublimation” will lead you to the “Ultramaterials” page which as the title suggests host videos similar to the ones on the Immaterials page.

Clicking “Into My Subconscious” opens up your eMail so that you could send a message to the site’s moderator, to do as the title suggests go into their subconscious. However, it longer hosts Randy Prozac’s email but another called “Britney Morgue”.

Clicking “The Truth About Randy Prozac” once led me to the guy’s Google+ page, but only for a second as it would turn into a white screen. Now, it leads to a Youtube video listing off the creepiest webpages, with on the list. The video is also in spanish.

Now that we have completed our tour you may be asking yourself


That’s what I wanted know. At the beginning I figured this guy was just this pretentious, angry dude. Making these videos how everyone is a slave to the government and yada yada. But I changed my mind when I read this (scroll down to the bold part, Randy Prozac’s letter).

When I read this my opinion on him and the site did a complete back-flip. Not only that but I had gained a new sense appreciation of the site, a showcase of angry bitter things we were never really meant to see. It really makes me think of what exactly art is and can be and what it can do for a person.

And that my friends is what is all about.

Let’s hold hands and believe.